Earn Money Blogging On WordPress: 30 Guaranteed Ways – Part 2

Do you want to know the best non-scam methods for making money online? 43% of all websites are powered by WordPress, the world's largest publishing platform.

You can make money online using WordPress and blogging by doing what you love.

We will discuss the remaining 14 "proven" methods for making money blogging online with WordPress in this article.

You can check out part 1 of this article if you missed it.

Ways to make money blogging with WordPress


These aren't get-rich-quick schemes. You need to be in another place if you need a quick way to become wealthy online.

Sell Services Online Using WordPress

Sell online services

Sell Services Online Using WordPress, Selling services online is the quickest way to start making money online. Creating a product or buying inventory doesn't require any upfront money.

Instead, you can make a page on your website titled "hire me" and begin seeking out your first customer.

Here are the remaining 14 suggestions to get you going.

17. Offer Freelance Services

You already possess in-depth knowledge of your niche if you blog. You can start making money by offering your skills and knowledge as a freelancer.

Since it typically doesn't require an initial time or financial investment, freelancing is a well-liked method of making money online. Begin promoting your services to the people already in your target market.

You'll need a method of invoicing clients once you begin freelancing and a way to collect their payments. 

There are several WordPress invoicing plugins, but we advise using WP Simple Pay or FreshBooks.

18. Start Your Own Consulting Business

Another means of monetizing your blog and distributing your knowledge online is consulting.

Instead of providing your services, a consultant helps their clients be more effective by giving advice and a plan of action.

On your already-existing blog, you can start to provide consulting services. There is no startup investment, just like with freelancing. All you have to do is designate a page with a form where users can ask for more details.

We suggest using WPForms to create a professional, mobile-friendly form quickly. To get started, refer to this tutorial on how to build a WordPress form for requesting quotes.

19. Become a Coach

You can consider becoming a coach if "consultant" doesn't feel like the correct title.

A life coach offers suggestions, direction, and support for changing one's life. In addition, there are various other types of coaches, including blog coaches, writing coaches, and others.

With coaching sessions, you can offer personalized assistance to your audience in whatever subject you are an expert.

Setting up a booking form that allows readers to schedule coaching sessions directly from your WordPress blog will save you time and make things more convenient for your clients.


Sell Physical Products Online Using WordPress

There's nothing quite like selling actual, physical products, even though selling digital goods or services can be a simple way to earn money online. Here are a few approaches to starting a WordPress store where you can sell goods.

20. Start an ECommerce Business With WooCommerce

WooCommerce store example

Got a concept for your brand of goods? Why not start your online store?

Using the free WooCommerce plugin, WordPress makes it simple to set up a store or even add a store to an already existing blog.

Since you must make or purchase the products and ship them out yourself when opening an online store, it can take a lot of work.

However, making a profit from selling physical goods can be satisfying, and occasionally, a physical product is exactly what your target market wants.

Visit our tutorial on creating an online store with WooCommerce to get started.

As alternatives to WooCommerce, you can also use BigCommerce or Shopify.

21. Create a T-shirt Store Online With WordPress

Sell online t-shirts to make money

WordPress makes it simple to start your t-shirt store. Since nearly everyone wears t-shirts, starting a t-shirt store is an excellent way to make money from any blog.

It's simple because online services let you upload your designs and have them printed and shipped. You get a profit share.

Using the WP-Spreadplugin by Spreadshirt, you can quickly set up your t-shirt store on your WordPress website.

A Shopify store with connections to numerous t-shirt printing businesses can be used if you're looking for a quicker solution.

22. Create a WooCommerce Dropshipping Store

Another way to build an eCommerce store on your WordPress website without managing inventory or shipping goods yourself is through drop shipping.

You establish the store, oversee the website, and handle customer service when dropshipping. However, a dropshipping service will accept your orders and send the products to your clients. Your customers are unaware of them because they are an invisible third party. 

Making a dropshipping store is possible with the WooCommerce plugin. Additionally, a WooCommerce Dropshipping add-on plugin enables the procedure's automation.

23. Create an Amazon Affiliate WordPress Shop

Dropshipping has a few drawbacks, including locating a reliable supplier, which can be difficult, and occasionally making a sizable order upfront. This can make it challenging to start without investing much money.

An Amazon Affiliate store might be something to try if you want a more straightforward way to set up an eCommerce site without handling product shipping yourself.

Competing with a big shop like Amazon is impossible if you offer everything. But in a small niche, you can stand out and differentiate yourself. This works best if you focus on a particular niche, just like many other items on this list.


Offering Platform as a Service

WordPress includes several powerful plugins that can function as complete platforms.

Such a platform can be added to your blog or online store and made available as a paid service. As a result of user activity on your website, you receive a cut of each sale, allowing you to generate passive income.

24. Create an Online Marketplace Website

Like an online store, an online marketplace allows users to sell their own goods and purchase others'. Typically, WooCommerce takes the position that you manage a website with just one vendor.

To transform WooCommerce into a platform that can support multiple vendors, you will need a plugin like WC Vendors. Vendors will then be able to sign up for an account and begin selling on your website. 

You can earn money by adding a commission fee to each transaction or letting vendors purchase membership plans for their listings.

25. Make an Auctions Website

A website that conducts online auctions enables users to place bids on goods. This allows sellers to increase their profits and customers to discover special offers.

The best example of an online auction marketplace is eBay.

eBay website preview

You can hold auctions on your WordPress website and even let outside vendors list their goods. You can generate income by either charging for the listing or receiving a commission on each sale.

The following add-ons are required to create an auction marketplace using WordPress.

  • WooCommerce (for shopping cart and payment features).WooCommerce (for payment and shopping cart functionality).
  • An auctions add-on
  • A multi-vendor add-on

26. Create a Job Marketplace website

In contrast to a typical job listing website, a job marketplace enables you to profit from each job posting. The best examples of websites that offer online job marketplaces are Fiverr and UpWork.

You can advertise your job marketplace as a platform for micro jobs for individuals in the same industry as your blog. You can choose a specific niche to increase the competition on your platform.

This will make it simpler for you to locate clients and professionals who cannot use large platforms due to excessively unrelated competition.

You can impose a small fee for job postings or after a project is finished. Future customers and freelancers will come to you more frequently as you complete jobs more successfully.

Become a WordPress Designer or Developer

Become a designer

You could work as a WordPress developer or designer to earn money online if you have a more robust technical aptitude. Although it will require more technical know-how, getting started is relatively easy.

27. Develop WordPress Plugins

WordPress is highly adaptable and powerful because of its plugins. You can extend and modify any feature of your WordPress website using plugins, which function like apps.

Plugins come in many types, from straightforward code alterations to sophisticated software programs. You can create your WordPress plugin if you have a basic understanding of how WordPress functions and some basic PHP knowledge.

There are numerous ways for a plugin developer to distribute their plugins. You can submit a free plugin to the WordPress.org plugin directory if they adhere to the WordPress plugin guidelines. This is a fantastic way to develop your skills as a WordPress plugin developer and establish a solid reputation for yourself.

When you're ready to sell premium plugins, you can do so through your already-existing WordPress blog. Before making the plugin available for purchase, ensure it directly satisfies your target audience's needs. You can create a survey to find out what issues their WordPress website needs to address, and then you can develop a plugin to address those issues.

Following that, you can use Easy Digital Downloads to sell the plugin on your website.

28. Sell WordPress Themes

If you enjoy web development and design, you could begin developing your WordPress themes to sell.

Design and technical expertise are both needed for this. You must understand how to design a visually appealing layout and code it for WordPress.

A head start can be provided by using a WordPress theme framework like Genesis. The next step is to create and code a stunning child theme.

29. Sell Graphics on Your WordPress Site

Creating and selling graphics on your WordPress website is another option if you prefer the design to code.

You can produce visual content for your websites, such as stock photos or logos, and sell it there using an eCommerce plugin. Additionally, you can register with online shops where you can sell your graphics.

30. Accept Donations

Accept donations

Lastly, asking for it is one way to earn money from your WordPress blog.

You can start accepting donations in a few different ways. Include a Stripe or a Paypal donation button on your website. You could also use WPForms to create a donation form on your WordPress website for a more polished appearance and sophisticated features like email marketing integration.

Since you must rely on the kindness of readers, donations are at the bottom of the list because of their limited effectiveness. Giving them something in return usually results in more significant financial gain.


FAQs about making money blogging with WordPress?

We at Hub to Learn have aided thousands of beginners in their blogging careers. Every question you can think of has almost certainly been asked. The most frequent queries newcomers have about earning money online through blogging are listed below.

1. Which one of these proven ways of making money blogging is right for me?

Which approach would be most appropriate for your blog topics depends on what you are passionate about.

For instance, if you run a blog about photography, affiliate marketing, paid memberships, and advertisements may all be effective for your blog.

Focus on providing high-quality, helpful content that users will find, and the money will come. Or, as the saying goes, pursue your passions, and financial success will follow.

2. How much money can I make from blogging?

The amount of time and effort you are willing to put in matters. A lot of newbie bloggers quickly lose interest and give up.

You will earn money depending on how much traffic you receive, what monetization strategies you employ, and how much effort you put in. Six- and even seven-figure incomes are earned by many famous bloggers.

3. How long before I start making serious money from blogging?

A "get rich quick" scheme is not how you make money online. Anyone trying to trick you who tells you otherwise is probably lying. You will need to put effort and time into building a successful blog to earn money.

Some people need help getting their blogs to catch on. Some bloggers earn a small income soon after launching their blogs. How quickly you would start making money takes time to predict.

However, those who consistently put forth the effort and adhere to a predetermined course of action will likely experience encouraging outcomes quickly.

4. How do I get started?

It's simple to get your WordPress blog up and to run. However, be sure that you are utilizing the appropriate platform. 

There are two different WordPress versions—WordPress.org, also known as self-hosted WordPress, and WordPress.com, a hosted solution.

We advise using WordPress.org because it lets you earn money immediately without restrictions. Visit our WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org comparison for more information.

To start blogging with WordPress.org, you'll need a domain name and a hosting account. Web hosting costs $7.99 per month for an entire year, and domains typically cost $14.99 annually.

If your blog is just getting started, this is a significant sum of money.

You will be able to get started for just $2.75 per month. One of the biggest hosting providers in the world and a WordPress hosting provider that is officially recommended is Bluehost.

You can install WordPress as soon as you have purchased hosting. You can get started under 30 minutes by following the guidelines in our step-by-step guide on how to start a blog.

This article has helped you develop many creative ideas for using WordPress to make money online. Anyone can make money from their WordPress site if they put in the effort and keep at it.You might also want to check out our tried-and-true advice on ranking high for search engines and our professional analysis of the top SEO plugins and tools you can use.