Must Have WordPress Plugins

You’ve just finished hosting your WordPress website; you have a great theme installed, the site looks beautiful to the eyes, and everything feels good. The next step is to give your website more functionalities to help boost your website in the right direction. In simple terms, plugins give specific functionalities to your newly hosted WordPress site.

The right WordPress plugin can grow your business in the direction you want. Still, most times, thinking of what exact plugin to use on your WordPress site can be very confusing because there are over 50,000 plugins in the WordPress plugin directory.

This article is here to help you navigate through, remove the confusion, and show you 10 must-have plugins on your WordPress site.

Before we go further, You should check out how to be a WordPress guru. Then let’s look critically at a plugin and what it really is.

What Is A Plugin

A WordPress plugin is a small WordPress software application that helps extend your website's features and functionalities. They play a significant role in building a great WordPress website—you cannot create a fully functional WordPress website without using plugins.

Plugins make adding extra features to their websites easier for users, even without coding skills or knowing how to code.

The WordPress plugin directory has over 50,000 free plugins and thousands of premium WordPress plugins that third-party developers programmed.

As with smartphone mobile apps, a WordPress plugin allows you to add specific functionalities to your WordPress website. You must know that WordPress plugins exist for almost anything you can imagine.

As we continue, I would like to let you know that the type of plugin you install on your website might differ entirely from that on another. The choice of plugins you install on your website greatly boils down to your website's niche; plugins are not a one-size-fits-all tool.

The plugins you use on your WordPress website should revolve around page design, SEO optimization, website security, website speed, and the actual performance many websites need.

We have carefully chosen ten plugins for your website in this article. These selections were based on website page design, SEO optimization, website security, website speed, and the actual performance many websites need.

Let’s get started on the 10 must-have WordPress plugins

  • Elementor
  • Securi
  • All In One SEO
  • WP Rocket
  • WPForms
  • LiteSpeed Cache
  • LiveChat
  • MonsterInsights
  • OptinMonster
  • Amelia

Let’s now get into discussing them one after the other.


Elementor happens to be one of my best WordPress plugins. It is arguably the most downloaded and installed plugin in the WordPress plugin directory.

Elementor is used for page building and is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. Elementor is excellent because it provides a drag-and-drop functionality, so you can customize your pages and posts however you want in no time.

This plugin offers over 100 pre-made page templates to kick-start any website and over 90 widget options that help incorporate other features like progress bars and social media icons without installing additional WordPress plugins. Amazing, right?

While almost all WordPress themes are compatible with Elementor, it is best to choose one that is Elementor-ready to prevent unforeseen problems. Use the Hello Elementor theme designed by the plugin developers when in doubt.

The secret to having an awesome design is to understand how HTML Works. Check it out here and Our HTML Series for Beginners

The Elementor theme builder is accessible with a premium plan. Using this tool, you can easily customize key theme components like a header, footer, and even product pages to build a theme from scratch.

You can PREVIEW this plugin or DOWNLOAD it.


After designing your website, one thing you want to do for sure is to get that website secured.

Securi happens to be one of the best plugins for website security.

All online business owners prioritize security as one of their top priorities, and Sucuri offers a WordPress security plugin and web application firewall, probably one of the best protection you can get for your site.

Securi monitors and protects your website from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), malware threats, XSS attacks, brute force attacks, spam comment attacks, and all other types of attacks.

PS: If you don’t have a firewall on your website, you need to get one today.

Another great thing about Sucuri is that it automatically adds a CDN layer, which significantly speeds up your site.

Though there are many other security plugins, none (as at the time of writing this article) offer the complete protection Sucuri does. The only real alternative to Securi is Cloudflare, which can be expensive if you get the premium add-ons.

You can DOWNLOAD  the plugin and get that website secured!



Now that your website is secure, you sure want that website to get as far as possible. Every website owner's dream is for their website to be seen by as many people as possible.

To get your website more visible, you need to do an excellent optimization for SEO.

AIOSEO is one of the best SEO plugins in WordPress.

It is laced with so many powerful features. Its TruSEO feature (which is a way for AIOSEO to provide recommendations on how to improve the on-page SEO of your content) checks for the keyphrases, meta descriptions, links, and length; analyses everything, gives an overall SEO score and recommends ways to improve the score.

Another great feature of AIOSEO is the redirect manager. It ensures that the end user of your site is directed to the right page.

Last but not least, the integrated schema markup offers tidbits of helpful information on search engine result pages with recommendations on improving your website’s rank and click-through rate.



WP Rocket plugin

Now that your website has been optimized for SEO, one essential thing you need is for your website to have a high loading and interactive speed.

WP Rocket happens to be one of the best WordPress caching plugin in the WordPress plugin directory. It allows you to improve your WordPress website speed and performance without requiring technical skills.

When installed, it automatically activates suggested WordPress caching options like gzip compression, cache pre-loading, and page caching. There are also optional features you can enable, like CDN support, lazy loading images, DNS pre-fetching, etc., to enhance load time.

Most importantly, WP Rocket stores pages in the cache without waiting for a request. Your website's performance is immediately improved due to the automatic crawling and caching.

Also, it comes with Imagify, which optimizes images for free to increase your website speed even further.

WP Rocket is the most accessible and beginner-friendly WordPress plugin for caching, but WP Rocket offers all of these for a price; it is a paid plugin.

Alternatively, SiteGround Optimizer, W3 Total Cache, and WP Super Cache are free but not as powerful or easy as WP Rocket.


WPForms is the most used form maker in WordPress. It is a feature-rich plugin for contact forms. With the help of its drag-and-drop form editor and ready-made starter templates, you can quickly create any form for your website.

It has over 20 ready-made templates in the free version, which includes registration forms, contact forms, signup forms, etc. And you can also create your custom form from scratch.

One great feature of the WPForms is that all forms it creates are responsive; this means they will work with whatever screen size it is viewed. Additionally, they have hCaptcha and reCAPTCHA spam defense mechanisms.

Utilizing the included block or a shortcode makes it simple to embed any form into a WordPress page or post.



WordPress caching is necessary to guarantee a website's top performance, and LiteSpeed Cache is one of the essential WordPress plugins.

This free WordPress plugin is simple, with a user-friendly interface for managing the site cache and sophisticated caching features.

For instance, the login page, PHP resources, and logged-in users have separate cache controls that can be turned on or off. Even the option to clear the cache from specific URLs is available.

The plugin includes tools for caching to speed up your website and an optimization feature to minify CSS and Javascript files. You can activate the QUIC.cloud CDN on the website using its CDN settings.




Live Chat Inc

LiveChat is arguably the best live chat support tool for companies and e-commerce websites. This straightforward tool lets you quickly add live chat to your WordPress website.

It has numerous customization options and a mobile app so you can give support in real time.

It is compatible with your current customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, etc. Most importantly, a great user experience is provided by its fast loading speed.

The company that made LiveChat also developed the best AI-powered chatbot software, ChatBot.com. Thanks to AI and humans, it can be used with LiveChat to guarantee that your users always receive the quickest response possible.


Because of its easy setup and seamless integration with Google Analytics, MonsterInsights is one of the best WordPress plugins. Additionally, it adds a ton of tracking tools to your WordPress dashboard.

Following plugin installation, the setup wizard will assist you in connecting to your Google Analytics account. Afterward, go to the WordPress admin panel and open the MonsterInsights dashboard.

The plugin will display real-time site statistics, making finding and fixing problems simple.

Use MonsterInsights to track affiliates, posts, file downloads, and demographics since it is appropriate for all types of websites. Additionally, you can integrate WooCommerce to set up analytics for your online shop.




The all-in-one WooCommerce plugin OptinMonster provides a comprehensive set of features to enhance eCommerce traffic and conversion.

The responsive pop-up form builder is the first standout feature. It has different templates and a visual builder. Pop-ups can be interactive by including a yes-or-no form, CSS animations, or even a gamified spin-a-wheel form.

This plugin includes on-site retargeting and exit-intent features to boost conversions. When an end user decides to exit the website, Exit-intent will cause a targeted pop-up to appear. According to OptinMonster, this feature increases customer conversion rates by 2-4%.

In contrast, the on-site retargeting feature increases conversion by displaying various campaigns to returning website visitors. As a result, rather than seeing what they have already read, they now see new information.




The Amelia WordPress plugin is an excellent option for businesses in the beauty, health and fitness, training, and related industries that may have to deal with a manual or semi-automated booking system with inherent delays and inconsistencies.

Amelia can help organizations like these save both money and time by:

  • providing online payment services, appointment scheduling, and email and SMS notification services to customers,
  • allowing managers to monitor and control the daily schedule, vacations, and time off of employees,
  • letting customers know about noteworthy occasions, live or recorded seminars, and promotional deals,
  • managing bookings at various locations for an endless number of appointments, including group appointments and event reservations,
  • creating booking forms that are unique to each business and reflect their brands.

Amelia accepts payments through Stripe, Mollie, RazorPay, PayPal, and Amelia.