Introduction to Modern HTML for Beginners

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, and most developers call it the language of the web. Modern HTML is a popular markup language, with about 93.9% of websites resting on its shoulders as the building block.

However, in web development, Modern HTML as the building block of a web page works in close conjunction with CSS, an acronym for Cascading Style Sheet that beautifies the webpage using specific written code instructions to enhance its layout. The awesomeness of HTML will be more appreciated with HTML. You can easily learn CSS STEP BY STEP HERE

And in places where functionality is needed to make a webpage interactive, like adding animations, liking a tweet, adding hover effects, and much more, JavaScript is implored in Steps.

In this tutorial, you'll learn and practice how to write HTML code and build static websites.

 Conclusively, this tutorial is designed to help beginners interested in learning HTML understand the essential fundamentals.