Playing Mobile Games on Your PC – Getting A Better Experience On A Bigger Screen

There are so many excellent mobile games available. Many would function just as well, if not better when used with a mouse and keyboard. The only issue is that they are frequently only designed for Android or iPhone.

Can a PC be used to play mobile games?

The magic of emulators and screen mirroring apps has made the answer a resounding "yes."

You can customize the entire experience with most of these programs to meet your needs. The actions you should take, however, are determined by your choice.

How to Use Your PC to Play Mobile Games

The two most popular methods for playing mobile games on a PC are screen mirroring and emulating a mobile device.

Let's talk about the benefits of porting mobile games to a computer before delving into specifics of how to do both.

Mobile devices are becoming more and more important in our daily lives. They currently control 54.25 percent of all internet traffic, indicating that they are already in control.

However, desktops continue to dominate in terms of gaming. Just that there are a lot more options available with a mouse and keyboard setup than there are with a touch screen. Then there's the ability to multitask while having multiple windows open.

Below is an in-depth look at how to use your PC to play Android games.

Utilize Windows to mirror your phone.

Everyday use of computers and phones is widespread among us. Anyone can now connect these two devices; IT professionals are no longer required. It only requires a specific app and the execution of a few basic steps.

Below are a few apps that can help you get started and instruct you on how to use your PC to play mobile games. 

Microsoft's Your Phone app is one of the most well-liked and cost-free options for mirroring Android. It also functions with iPhones, though Apple's rules constrain its functionality.

The fact that this app comes pre-installed on Windows computers and newer Samsung phones is one of the reasons it is so well-liked for playing Android games on PC. As a result, you can quickly and instantly connect the two devices.

Using the Your Phone app, you can connect your Android device to a PC in two different ways: wirelessly and with a USB cable.

Utilizing the app is pretty simple once the devices are connected. The left side of the home screen houses all the necessary items, making them easy to access, such as messages, notifications, and calls.

The same apps that let you use your PC to play Android games also allow you to use your phone to run other applications besides games.

You must connect the two devices before you can run the game on them. You can get this done quickly by scanning the QR code that appears as the app is being used on your PC.

It also allows you to add shortcuts to the taskbar menu, a fantastic feature. As a result, you can now create a shortcut to your favorite games, giving you one-click access to them.

Remember to log in with your Microsoft credentials because the app won't function without them!

Employ an emulator

In the world of gaming, emulators have gained a lot of popularity. Whether you want to play on your computer while using your Playstation, Nintendo Switch, or smartphone, there is an emulator.

Numerous emulators make playing mobile games on a PC as simple as 1-2-3.

Let's examine how they operate in greater detail.

In essence, they work to recreate a game on your target device using the original hardware and software environment. In other words, you can run any product on any machine thanks to these programs.

Most emulators are standalone applications that you must install on your computer. However, you might also find an online Android emulator that will let you play your game in a web browser.

While convenient, in-browser emulators typically need more power than those that have their apps.

Here are some of the more popular Android and iPhone emulators, along with instructions on how to use them to play mobile games on your PC.


For Windows 10, BlueStacks is frequently regarded as the top Android emulator.

Thanks to it, you can easily use a mouse and keyboard setup with apps initially designed for smartphones. You can also resize your BlueStacks window to fit the available space on the screen rather than viewing a screen with a fixed size.

Once installed on your PC, BlueStacks allows you to immediately log into Google Play and download the Android apps you want to use on your computer.

In contrast to other programs, this Android emulator for PC opens each app in a separate tab, enabling you to run multiple games simultaneously and seamlessly switch between them. 

BlueStacks has a viewable sidebar with realistic controls that bring a genuine mobile experience to your PC. The settings allow you to rotate the screen, shake the device virtually, record audio, take screenshots, and perform all other Android actions.

Although the app is free, you will have to put up with advertisements unless you upgrade to a paid plan. The premium version is available for just $2 a month.

As you might expect, the premium version only gets rid of ads in BlueStacks itself, not from the games themselves. Given that in-app advertising has grown by 50% over the past few years, you can anticipate seeing many of them.

It's important to note that BlueStacks is only compatible with Windows 7 and newer and that at least 2GB of RAM is needed. Additionally, the app functions with 4GB of RAM and macOS Sierra (10.12 or newer).


GameLoop has undergone numerous changes since it first appeared. It was formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy. PUBG Mobile PC emulator was all that this Android emulator for Windows had at first.

The program developed over time, and Tencent is now in charge of supporting a considerable number of Android games, including Call of Duty and Free Fire.

The Google Play Store can be installed using a separate module in the emulator. This implies that you can play all well-known games that support the mouse and key mapping. However, more than a finite number of Android apps can be used with GameLoop.

One of the most valuable features that GameLoop provides is key mapping. It is regarded as the most accurate emulator for games like PUBG Mobile, the highest-grossing mobile game. It could be better, like all emulators, but it's as close as possible.

Therefore, GameLoop is the best option if you need an emulator that can easily convert the touch-oriented user interface into a keyboard and mouse one.

GameLoop is another good option if you are thinking of how to play Android games on a PC because this emulator is free. 

A minimum of 3GB of RAM is needed for the program, which is compatible with Windows 7 and newer. Although the minimum requirements are somewhat high, all required to set it up on your PC is 1GB of free storage.


I previously mentioned Android emulators. Considering that 78% of gamers use Android devices, they attract more attention than iOS emulators.

Although Apple has strict guidelines regarding its content, it is still possible to run iPhone games on your computer. To do this, you'll use an iOS simulator rather than an actual emulator.

Therefore, iPadian is your best option if you want to play an iOS game on a PC. It's a reskin, or, to put it another way, a simulator that only gives users access to a small selection of iPhone games. This is because it doesn’t work directly with the App Store. As an alternative, it has a storefront for the iPad that sells a variety of playable games.

Many games are included, with Clash of Clans and Angry Birds among the most well-known titles.

Some features you would typically find on emulators are still available in the program. For instance, the full-screen mode on your desktop can be accessed using this method.

It is cost-free, and a lifetime premium version is offered for $9.99.

Windows XP and later versions support iPadian. Even though it only requires 512 MB of RAM to function, 1 GB is recommended for optimal performance. Note that you’ll need Adobe Air for it to work.

Windows 11

How our PCs interact with Android games is one of the fantastic features that Windows 11 has brought to our devices.

It is simple to learn how to use a PC running the Windows 11 operating system to play mobile games.

Microsoft has made Android apps available for testing since October 2021. You can download them from the Microsoft Store, which will then take you to the Amazon Appstore.

With the new OS, you can pin Android apps to the Start menu and use them simultaneously with any other app.

How many Android games will be fully released for Windows 11 is still being determined, given that currently, 3 million apps are available on the Google Play Store. There are currently dozens of mobile games that can be tried out. This includes recent releases like Coin Master and Lords Mobile.

Only Windows 11 users with their OS set to the US region can access these games right now, and only in the beta channel of Windows 11.

According to the company's announcement, the eagerly anticipated Google Play on PC for Windows 11 will be available in 2022. The company created its own Games app to ensure that Android games can be played on all desktops, laptops, and tablets running this OS.

It wasn't, however, developed in conjunction with Microsoft or well-known emulators like BlueStacks. It's a genuine Google product, and many mobile gamers are ecstatic about it.

The ability to resume playing games on a PC after doing so on a phone or tablet is one of the eagerly anticipated features that will be included in Windows 11.

This app, which was only previously teased during the 2021 Game Awards, promises to revolutionize mobile games for PC.

Wrap Up

Playing mobile games on your PC may be an option for various reasons.

There are ways to run multiple profiles in one game simultaneously, regardless of your preferences for a larger screen, a mouse and keyboard setup, or anything else.

The two most popular methods currently are emulators and mirroring the phone screen. But with the upcoming addition of new features to Windows 11, learning how to play mobile games on your PC will be a piece of cake.  

You can transfer your preferred mobile experience to a PC if it is easy.

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