Introduction to Csharp

Ever wondered what techies mean by CSharp like I did when I heard them saying it… C#? Well, to my greatest surprise, they weren’t talking about anything relating to music as I ignorantly presumed. They were related to a programming language which really popped my bubbles and spiked my curiosity.

Well, if are like me, who had an uninformed assumption, or perhaps, you are just coming across the C# term for the first time, or you are even a techie that just loves to know more on the subject, then I’ll really recommend you take a chilled beverage or a cup of water, alongside your notepad and hop along for this insightful exposition to the C# world.

The C# language was designed in 2000 by Anders Hejlsberg of Microsoft, which is way back over two decades now, amazingly a member of the C family of languages such as C++.
It is a simple multidimensional language that encompasses static typing, functional, and object-oriented but unlike C++, it compiles programs to CLR, which is common language runtime rather than compiling to machine codes.
The C# runs on (OSS) open source software and the .net platform without many technicalities rather than the more technical interface.

C# is very versatile in its function and usage, for it could be used to develop from game development to mobile applications, web applications, and a host of other purposes, which makes it not just dynamic but efficient and user friendly.

For an easy understanding of the Csharp, a ground knowledge of C++ and Java would be beneficial to set you off to a superb experience and give you a head start over a host of others.

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